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All imported Alerce wood is pre-convention reclaimed timber.


The Patagonian forest in Southern Chile might be home to the world's oldest tree after a new study found that an ancient alerce tree known as "great grandfather" could be more than 5,000 years old.

Scientists were not able to determine an exact age based on tree rings because of the tree's massive trunk. Normally, a 1 meter (1.09 yards) cylinder of wood is extracted to count tree rings, but the great grandfather's trunk has a diameter of 4 meters! 

All of our Alerce wood was sourced from a pre-convention reclaimed status where mother nature wasn't as nice as we are.   Typically any deadfall Alerce wood that is found by locals is used as firewood or thrown away!   When you look at the unique ring patterns of the grain, Alerce wood makes any craftsman's dream come true.  Check out our social media channels for upcoming and in stock Alerce pieces.   

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