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Laurelia sempervirens is a species of evergreen tree in the family Atherospermataceae.  It requires a warm subtropical to tropical climate that is cool but also frost-free or with only very slight winter frosts not below −4 °C (25 °F), with high summer heat, rainfall and humidity. It grows best on well-drained, slightly acidic soils rich in organic matter


The Laurel is a large (up to 30 m (98 ft) tall and 2 m (6.6 ft) in diameter) evergreen tree with smooth, pale yellow bark.  The heartwood is yellowish-brown with greenish, grey and purplish streaks; it is not clearly defined from the uniform greyish-brown coloured sapwood. The texture is moderately fine and even; the grain generally straight; lustre is slight; there is no apparent odour or taste.  It air-seasons fairly rapidly with little or no degrade. It works very easily with hand or machine tools; there is a slight blunting effect on cutting edges; a good, clean finish is obtained in most operations if thin, sharp cutting edges are used; it takes nails and screws satisfactorily, holding power good; it glues well; stains and polishes satisfactorily; it has moderately good steam bending properties.  It is a softwood that is quite popular for architectural interior woodwork and decorative single furniture

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