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Mañio (Podocarpus Salignus) is also known as the willow leaf podocarpendemic to the Valdivian temperate rain forests of southern Chile and adjacent southwestern Argentina. It is the southernmost podocarp in the world


Mañio is a medium to large tree, growing to around 20–25 m (66–82 ft), exceptionally to 35 m (115 ft). The bark peels off in papery flakes, with a purplish to golden brown hue. The sharp, green, needle-like leaves are stiff and leathery, 2 cm long. The cones are highly modified with two to four fused, fleshy, berry-like, juicy scales, bright red when mature, bearing one (rarely two) rounded seeds at the apex of the scales.


The wood is hard and straight grained, and very resistant to rot; it is yellow with reddish marks, semiheavy, semihard, and resistant to decay.

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