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Radal, is a tree native to Chile it grows from Coquimbo to Chiloe (36 to 42°S). It grows on a variety of soils and humidity. It grows on poor soils near ravines.


Radal is an evergreen tree that measures up to 15 m (50 ft) tall and 80 cm (31 in) in diameter. Light-grey bark with longitudinal fissures.  The leaves are alternate, ovate, heart-shaped base, the petioles are about 2–3 cm long, the leaves are 5-20 long and 4–12 cm wide, toothed edge, dark glossy green above and dull below, the nervation is distinct underneath,  The flowers are hermaphrodite, greenish-yellow color, covered in a rusty red, the flowers are arranged in axillary clustered inflorescences .

It is a medium/hard wood of excellent quality, with beautiful distinctive marks within the grain, it is similar to Chilean hazel.  It is a great all purpose wood for craftsman. 

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