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A heavy hard wood found between Arauco and Chiloé, especially in the Coastal mountain range up to 700 m. (2,300 ft.) in altitude.


Ulmo is an evergreen tree that can grow to reach 40m (131 ft) in height, with a trunk that is 2 meters (6.5 ft) in diameter. The bark is of taupe color with fissure-like markings that run lengthwise across the tree. The trunk stands straight up, with branches much smaller in size. Its leaves undulate, having whole borders the ones on the upper side and somewhat jagged borders the ones on the lower side.
The ulmo blooms between January and February, and it's white flowers make you believe the tree is covered in snow.

The wood is heavy and hard, of excellent quality, and is therefore used in construction and manufacturing of cabinets, kitchen islands, hardwood flooring and beautiful tables. Its bark, rich in tannin, is often used in tanneries.

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